Sunday, June 30, 2013

finally. a camping trip.

hubby is currently out fishing and I’m sitting in the truck (well…by the time this gets posted I’ll be home with internet service, but let’s just pretend).

we finally got away and got to use our brand spanking new (to us) camper that we bought this spring.


I have no problem sleeping in a tent. but I could really get use to the idea of sleeping in a bed and going potty on a toilet. tmi? better stop now. it could only get worse later.

I had to work saturday so we left right after I got off from work and booked it up the mountain for the weekend.

as soon as we got to camp we gathered firewood to get a fire started.


jaggar managed to help….or at least got into the fire ring some. he had black all over him!


in our little family…things seem to be backwards.

hubby puts ME in charge of building the fire.


and I put him in charge of making dinner.


nonetheless…the fire took off without missing a beat. my dad would be so proud.


and dinner was so delicious I didn’t have time to take a picture of my plate.

BUT I did manage to take a picture of the furkids’ food.


yup…they got the same thing we got. hubby forgot their food. he had it all packed up, just left it by the door. so they ate dinner and breakfast like royalty this morning. that’s better than letting them go hungry, right? especially with all the exercise they were doing. they needed the fuel too.

we roasted marshmallows, enjoyed each other’s company, enjoyed the gorgeous mountains and nature’s beauty. did I mention driving into camp we saw a bull moose in the same meadow we saw the moose last week?

they pups seemed to take to the camper just fine and in no time jagger was out like a light.


sibley ended up being our guard dog for the night.


no one was getting past her at that door. even though she was the only one back on the bed this morning.

we all slept pretty peacefully. and let me tell ya…it was super nice going potty inside in the middle of the night. there was no fear of the boogey man or bigfoot or a yeti or those moose (or yes, sister and dad….even killer deer) getting me! Winking smile

again the dogs ate like royalty this morning. breakfast burritos.


like any good blogger husband…he was on top of the picture taking this morning. I’m sure he got my good side here!


once we had our tummys full we took off on a hike! hubby tells me I fooled him into a longer hike than he thought. and I think he just wasn’t listening when I told him it was 1 mile to the road turnoff. 1 mile to the trailhead and 1 mile to the lookout. when I went to high school almost 10 years ago (yikes!!) that was a total of 3. but things could have changed since then.


we made the trailhead in no time.

remember these pictures from a month ago? look at them today!



we didn’t run into any snow today!

we easily made the lookout this afternoon.


we headed back to camp. but not without more pictures taken!


we sat down and had some stellar lunch. then we were off to fish; and that brings me to where I am now.

(but not really RIGHT now….only when I wrote this post)

I’ll hopefully have time to catch up on marathon training tomorrow. I might be a little delayed. long story short. traded my long run and cross training days. 6 mile hike was good enough for cross training! Smile long run tomorrow morning. I have 10 miles already planned out.

have a good week!


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