Monday, April 23, 2012

hiking in april

the beauty about spring time is the chance to get out and actually enjoy the weather!

our spring temps have almost reached 90* today. so more like summer time weather.

I asked around the house about a hiking adventure on the mountain. I got a couple of looks in response….and a few tail wags.


“hiking? of course we’ll go hiking!”

we loaded up on water and snackies and headed out.

we got to the trailhead in roughly under an hour. got gear loaded up and headed out.


it was so sunny and warm. we were actually thankful when a cloud covered the sun or we got into heavier timber. shade was our friend today.


Hubby enjoying the sun with twogees. twogs got to carry her pack today. we threw it on jaggar at the end of the hike. he didn’t care much for it. so much, that when he was freaking out trying to get it off of him he almost rolled down the side of the mountain. he practically almost died (kidding mom…..kind of…)….thankfully hubby saved him at the last minute. we’ll be changing his idea of carrying a pack soon. we did realize today that he’ll get to have a bigger pack than twogs carries.


it was GORGEOUS! everything was green. flowers were blooming every where. water levels were still low. although after these next few days at 80+ temps….snow might really start to melt off the mountain.


the puppies were so well behaved. they were super happy to be out of the house and doing something that used up their energy.


puppies stayed hydrated with Hubby’s camelbak…..and of course river water…..


they laid down in the river for a little while to cool off.


I just love hiking in shorts!


after 6 attempts at this picture….I think this is probably the best one I got. silly pups.


hubby had better luck…..with less attempts.

at the turn around point in our adventure I decided that my tank top wasn’t doing any good but soaking up all the sweat.

I’m a WHITE girl…like a sheet of paper white!

I felt like I was getting some “are you crazy? I need sunglasses for your white ass tummy”  from the people we met on the trail. I didn’t care. I was enjoying the sun.


we tried to take a few group family photos….a couple different ways….but somehow….once again….the dogs felt it was necessary to not produce a “christmas card worthy” photo.


at least we look cute! Smile

we got back to the car and loaded up. the pups didn’t last long until this happened….


mission “wear out the puppies” accomplished!

they are still fast asleep. they barely got excited for dinner.

until the next adventure!


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