Saturday, April 14, 2012

where in the world is ashley?

its been a while. a long while since I last said hello. I just need to get better at making time to say “hello.” especially now since Dad has discovered the blog world….or maybe just mine and wants daily updates. you’ll be lucky if you get weekly ones.

so what have I been up to?


there were many…and I’m talking MANY two snowshoe trips on the mountain.


there was christmas time.


there was a time we spent making fun of someone’s ridiculous ears.


I’ve held a couple of jobs. one was NOT me. one is more than me and I’m having a blast!

photo courtesy: Mindy Wilson Photography

I started working as a personal trainer in march! have loved it since.

I ran a half marathon in march….and PR’ed.

moab half

what? it was st. paddy’s day.

a lot more little things have happened. Hubby and I turned another year old. boring.

Hubby and I have registered for another half in October. and we’re going to totally rock it.

I’m sure this year has many more surprises and adventures in store.

stay tuned. I will make a better effort to keep in touch better and keep us accountable for half marathon (and other race) training!


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