Monday, May 7, 2012

adding to the zoo

last night I posted this to facebook.

fb status

now…if you’ve seen “city slickers” you know that “Norman” is a baby cow.

by the time I crawled into bed I had people commenting left and right about our newest addition.

fb status

as you can tell…,people were on the right track of thinking. it may not have helped that hubby and I played along.

I was waiting for a phone call from my mom wanting an explanation. but no phone call.

well….meet “Norman”


fooled ya!

we made a roping dummy out of PVC last night, and I named him “norman.” the dogs were getting a little tired of being the roping dummies.


from the time we went left the house to go get supplies to the time we finished for the night was 2 hours. he was a pretty quick put together. we made sure to write down all the measurements so if we need to make another we’ll know!


at this point he was missing his back legs. which we didn’t have parts for. the store closed while we were there buying the first round of PVC materials.


we’re safe steer owners. we didn’t want him running amuck through the neighborhood last night. hubby tied him up when we went inside.


he fits in our backyard…and doesn’t eat much  anything and leaves no mess.


hubby out practicing his roping. and “norman” has legs today. Winking smile

hubby is putting the final touches on this morning!

welcome “norman.”


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

could you please post the dimensions on his roping dummy,i like the way it looks, been searching everywhere for dimensions

ashe said...Best Blogger Tips

e-mail me @ adventuresomewyomingite at gmail dot com....and i'll try to work something up for you!

Patti Luke said...Best Blogger Tips

Hello, Norman is exactly what I am looking to make for my college rodeo son for Christmas. His girlfriend brought up the idea of a roping dummy. They are starving students and I'm a widow mom trying to make ends meet. I looked on line and pvc dummies go for $199. That is ridiculous Could I get dimensions from you and a parts list. If not I'll try to figure it out.
Thank you,

Manuel Escobar said...Best Blogger Tips

Can u plz send me the dimensions of that. Like what everyone said the ones already made r over $300 and I can't afford that. So can u plz send me Normans dimensions. My email is Thank you very much. It is for my son who would like to start roping and hopefully go pro to make some money.

Amanda Tucker-Swaner said...Best Blogger Tips

Dimensions please?! Anyone?!!!

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