Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my pretty perfect day

today started out like any other day in our household…waking up to a tick crawling on me is nothing new. kidding!

Hubby and the pups went out to play yesterday in the prairie…and even though we checked them last night when they got home, somehow I still managed to wake up to an extra bed mate. he was immediately flushed down the toilet. and then I took a shower and STILL feel all itchy.

nothing like the nice 8am wake up call to get everyone awake in the house. and here I actually planned on sleeping in.

after the shower we load the truck and headed out to the rest of our little family that lives on the ranch.

I always made the joke that I wanted a horse that you never had to chase to put a halter on. I always wanted a horse that came to me when I called him. well…with Easy, I got that! he literally follows you around. I just walk into the pasture, yell “COME HERE EASY!” and he comes right to me! yep. he’s my pony!


we had every intention of staying out at the ranch with them the majority of the day. and that goal was pretty much accomplished!

we didn’t waste any time saddling two horses and getting out in the field to ride.

Hubby got on Easy first to test him out since neither one of us had actually ever been on him. immediately we realized he was quick to move and he had a lot of “giddy up and go.” Hubby did a couple quick passes and then let me get on him. and sure enough he’s got some power.

Hubby hopped on our mare, Pompey and away we went!


weather was pretty good. no wind…my allergies were thankful for that! the sun would come and go. it tried to rain a little but nothing until we had turned the horses loose.

I never gave Hubby another chance to get on MY horse,


we rode around the pasture for a little bit.

I’m very thankful that we have 3 horses that don’t mind the dogs behind, in front or underneath them!



the dogs can jump on the horses and they don’t mind. and if any 1 horse would have a problem with it, its our mare…and she hasn’t had a problem yet.

Hubby felt guilty for leaving behind HIS horse, Slim. so we unsaddled Pompey and saddled Slim.


the weather looked like it was going to turn crummy. and I think if we had stayed at the ranch we may have gotten into it, but we rode out of its path.


i like to ride dangerously, no hands! although Easy is pretty easy going and if he doesn’t have to work, he’s just going to hang out and walk. another quality I knew I wanted in MY horse. this “pony,” I’m telling you, has ME written all over him!

when the sun was out it was toasty! the dogs were finding any shade they could to lay in!


horse shadows work.

we had some friends come out and let their little girl ride. she just adores horses!



she had a blast! I just loved her smile!

we unsaddled and let them go just in time for hail, rain and wind to roll in.

we came back to town. lounged around for exactly 0.2 seconds before I was off to run a few miles and teach R.I.P.P.E.D.

I came home to this occurring.


daddy jag man time. pups are pooped!

and so am i!


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