Monday, May 20, 2013

did I move to the pacific northwest?

for the past two days its been colder (than it was) and rainy. like raining all day rainy.

I feel like we moved to oregon overnight. if I can’t take the two days of the constant rain I know I wouldn’t last a week in oregon.

yesterday was my one day off in 11 days. so I did absolutely nothing. really. I didn’t even shower until 9 pm last night and it was fabulous.

my mom came to town saturday night with all intentions of hiking on the mountain on sunday. but that got squashed when we woke up to overcast skies on sunday. I took her to breakfast since I wasn’t able to see her on mother’s day. then she made the trip back over the mountain. she said the mountain was wet the whole way.

after she left I contemplated actually going for my long run. but knew that I would have hated every second of it and figured out a way to fit it in later this week. wednesday it is. that was easy enough.

I snuggled into the recliner and really didn’t move all day. the dogs didn’t go outside for more than 10 minutes at a time and they were still soaked when they came back in.

I took a nap. watched baseball. wanted to take another nap but figured if I did that I wouldn’t sleep.

I did actually made a trip to walmart to buy the pups dog food. but right when I came home I changed back into comfys.

this morning we woke up to the same grey., overcast, wet, skies.


but I knew that I was going to cowboy up and head out for a run. the temperature was 47* so it wasn’t ice cold I just knew the constant drizzle might be a little annoying.

surprisingly it wasn’t that bad.

I managed to do a quick 5 miles and it only rained hard on me once. the other time it was a colder wind and a little misting…but I was more soaked from the sweat (I always over dress) than from the rain.

I wish I had today off too because I just might go right back to bed and not move all day.

I’ve already been to the gym with clients and got my workout in and now I’m off to my second job.

geez….I got more accomplished in 4 hours of today than I did in all of yesterday!


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