Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kickoff to Spring

I know. I know. you don’t have to hound me. I’ve been MIA. so what. my winter got a little lot crazy and the blog fell to the bottom of the important list.

but I’m back. and hopefully bigger than ever. maybe not quite. I’m going to try to make it a regular thing.

I feel like every spring Hubby and I try to make a trip up tongue river canyon. its our go to hike. its easy and we can make it as short or as long as we want for that day. but I’ll get to more of that in a minute.

this morning our local community college sponsored a color run. all the proceeds went to the wounded warrior project.

the weather was gorgeous. it was just a complete down pour for the better part of yesterday. so it was a welcomed site for the sun and warmth.

one of my co-workers and her son ran the color run with me.


we’re all nice and white and clean, but that sure didn’t last long.

there was a lot of confusion on the exact course. so somehow we were in the middle of the pack to the last people crossing the line. but all that mattered today was the amount of color we all got on ourselves.

we probably did the 3 mile jaunt (or maybe more with that dang extra loop we did).

but when we crossed the finish we weren’t white anymore.




it was a blast! I wouldn’t hesitate to do another one…but more color!

we quickly ate some lunch, showered and headed up to one of our favorite hiking spots.

over the winter we added another dog to our crazy family; and today was her first hike!


breaking in the chacos for another thrilling season in the mountains.

the weather stayed perfect all day long and we had just enough cloud cover that it wasn’t dying hot.

like I said everyone and their dog had the same idea as we did. I have never seen the parking lot overflowing with cars like it was today.

we took just a nice easy hike up the trail.


these views never get old.



twogees had a minor run in with some color at the color run. but it washed off easily enough once she was in the water.


all 3 of of soggy wet kids. they just couldn’t help themselves getting into the water. and sibley (the little chocolate dog) took to the water ok. she just needs some more practice. she wanted to be out there swimming with the big dogs so bad but she just couldn’t muster up the courage. she’ll be a water dog in no time. just need some swimming lessons.


and every year we try a big family shot….but can never get any closer than this. it will have to do.



we were all ready to be home when we got back to the house about 5ish. the pups are still passed out on the floor and I feel like I could easily fall asleep right now.

another successful kickoff to spring/summer. let the outdoor adventures begin. we have quite a few on our list this summer.

I can’t wait to see where we’re headed!


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