Sunday, May 12, 2013

yesterday I hated running

true story. I hated it.

I set off for a quick morning run and made it only a few blocks before I stomped back home mad at myself, running, and my body.

my body was totally rejecting everything.

I decided I wasn’t going to force it. I knew I had 9 miles on my schedule today and wanted to try to enjoy them. plus I hadn’t had a rest day in over a week.

I tried not to dwell on the fact that I didn’t hit my goal mileage for the day or even the week. I just tried not to think about it.

I worked at the shoe store all day.  when I came home for lunch Hubby had mentioned that the local Legion baseball team was in town. he headed down to watch but I still had an hour and a half of work left. I told him I would call when I left work and would probably meet him at the field. I got lucky yesterday and the Troopers ended up playing the later game so I got to watch a full game and not just an inning worth.


diamonds are a girls best friend.


this morning was a new morning. we had a soccer game to be to at 930 so I knew I needed to be up and out early in order to make the game. and beat the heat. the high today is suppose to hit in the 80s.

it was already getting warm. I easily ran in shorts and a tank…but was still soaked and stinky when I got home.

I can tell my legs are getting stronger. I’m able to hit the hills and still average under an 9:00/mile over a long climb and its easier for me to slip back into my grove after peaking on the hill. I remember when it would take my legs a half mile before they would recover and feel ready to speed back up.

even though it was totally the butt crack of dawn when my alarm went off, I easily rolled out of bed, got dressed, got some food in my tummy and was out the door in no time.

first couple steps ached, but once I settled in it felt easy. easier than normal but I knew I still had about 8.5 miles to go. I did a normal loop in town this time and found the miles flying by. in no time I was half way done and headed back for home. I ended up being short on mileage and that usually just drives me up the wall so I did a few laps around a couple of the blocks in my neighborhood and hit 9 miles on the nose.



I slammed down a protein smoothie, showered, dressed and headed out to the soccer fields. the team we went to watch won! and they play in the championship game this afternoon so we’re headed back out there soon.

I’m thinking a nap sounds fantastic right now though.


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