Monday, May 9, 2011


last night sheridan, wyo experienced its first thunderstorm of the year! yippee!
it was a very crazy storm. hail. rain. thunder. lightening. wind.


it hailed so much it looked like it had snowed. but then it rained so hard that it melted all the hail. there were some big puddles in the gutters in town.

today has been another lazy day. I still haven’t ran. although I mentally want to, I’m still a little sore.

tomorrow Hubby and I leave for denver.
wednesday we fly out to the B.A.H.A.M.A.S!

our good friend is native to them and he lives in Freeport.
we met him in casper trashper and lost contact when he moved back to the islands.
when we got back into contact with him we decided to visit!
I saved and saved money up this past summer in hopes of going to see him. or tax return really helped make that happen. we had tossed around dates. my rents take a vacation to mexico in march/april. so I had thought we’ll go when you guys get back (I needed a pet sitter). Hubby quickly decided that we should go for our wedding anniversary. so that was easy.
may 16th will be 2 years!

we’ll be in the bahamas for 10 days.
I feel slightly under packed.

our carry-ons.
the black one is mine and is stuffed! I managed to fit all my shorts/skirts, shirts, and swimsuits for the whole trip in it.
Hubby’s carry-on (the blue one) is about half full.
and the backpack is for our entertainment and must haves (i.e. passports, plane tickets).

this is our “checked” bag.
since they start charging for the first bag we try to only have to take 1 bag between the two of us. what can I say we’re cheap! plus in all honesty…I don’t know that I could take that many clothes for 10 days. actually I probably could, but I’ve been to Hawaii for a couple trips and never wear anything but a bikini most of the time. so I told myself…I wasn’t over-packing for this trip!
there is definitely plenty of room for any treasures our little hearts desire to bring home! most of this bag is Hubby’s too. and the only reason they are in here instead of his carry-on is so we were bringing an empty bag. at least we don’t have to worry about it going over the weight limit!

lists and more lists.

its kind of short, but really..its tropical and surrounded by the ocean. let’s be realistic here people! I plan on being in a bikini the entire time!
when we get back we are spending a few days in denver with my dad and catching some baseball games, so that obviously requires different attire (but he has a washer and dryer so I plan on doing a little laundry), can’t forget the Tulo jersey!
and before we go on vacation I have a dress fitting in trashper on our way through town. can’t forget the dress or the bra there! Winking smile

most importantly!

passports and plane reservations!

I’m not that popular so I don’t have guest posts. sorry Mom, I can give you a list of blogs to visit to keep you entertained while I’m away! could you visit Jess @ Blonde Ponytail and wish her the best of luck on the 13th for her marathon on the 14th! you’ll love her. she’s going to rock her marathon! p.s. she has a goldie too.

I’ll have plenty to say when I get back though so be ready for picture and story over load! see ya’ll in about 2.5 weeks!


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