Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend recap

sorry for the absence

this past weekend I was in Casper, Wyo for a family member’s wedding.

we had a grand old time.

let’s recap.

we left on friday morning. remember how I moved my last long run to thursday?
this is why.


snow. cold. wind. no fun.

“really Ma? snow? maybe if I close my eyes real tight it’ll disappear!”

we got on the road, and it was snowing the whole 2 hour drive.

Twogs didn’t seem to mind the cooler air.

we got to town and ran various errands in town. I went to the mall with my sister to get a shirt for the wedding and killed time while Hubby did his own thing.

once Hubby was done doing manly things we went and bought Twogs some booties to use during winter months and hunting seasons (keep the cactus out of her paws).

“I think this qualifies for animal abuse!”

she had a slight adjustment to them, but once she was out running in them she didn’t even notice these booties on all 4 feet. we took her to a park to do a trial run because we’ve had issues with them coming off on past dogs and losing them somewhere in the mountains.

they worked!

we then went to our friends’ house where we were staying for the weekend. they have 2 dogs. one of those dogs is just a month older than Twogs, so they play A LOT!

don’t worry no giraffes were harmed! Winking smile

we had a night out at dinner and then bed time.
I had planned on going to the gym the morning before the wedding, but it just didn’t happen. oh well I think I made up for it in dancing at the wedding.


it was a quick ceremony! we ate. we drank. we danced!

Hubby and I. Sister and her date.


we had a grand time!
Hubby and I went out for a few drinks with our friends after the wedding and then hit the hay. I was beat!

We got up early, had breakfast with some more good friends and headed home. I think Twogs was beat too. she played all weekend!


I slept in this morning and have lounged all day long!
I did go for a little 4 mile run.
3 miles to do tomorrow. 2 miles to do on wednesday.
then 2 rest days.
then my FIRST 1/2 marathon on saturday.

oh did I mention we are going to the bahamas next week too?
woah…I can actually say next week!
I have to gather everything up for that too!


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