Thursday, April 28, 2011

pre-race trial run.

today I did the last of my long runs before my first 1/2 marathon.

I wanted to get as close to race conditions as possible.
make sure I knew exactly what time I needed to be up to be ready with time to spare.
I made sure I had everything gathered up so I wasn’t wasting time looking for gear.


I went back and forth this morning about wearing my long sleeve shirt too.
at one point I had it on and ready to go, but then I walked outside to hide my keys and realized it was warm enough for just the tshirt.
I didn’t actually head out until about 930…30 minutes after the REAL race will start next weekend, but I just wanted to have an idea of what it would be like at 9 so I felt fully prepared. I kept telling myself, “its only going to get warmer.” so I took off the long shirt, and I’m really glad I did!

temps when I left my house were right around 46*
when I got back…61*
I was sweaty to say the least.

I did awesome on my way out. the first 5 miles I averaged just at (or a little under) and 8 minute/mile pace. awesome! I was hoping to hit an 8:15 minute/mile pace for the whole thing. when I ran my 9 miles on sunday I averaged a 8:27 minute/mile pace. let’s just say cutting 12 seconds per mile is not as easy as it seems.

when I turned around at 5 miles I was immediately greeted with a nice head wind.
it pretty much blew the wind out of my sails.
I knew 5 miles going back in was not going to be as great as 5 miles coming out.
I didn’t even feel the tail wind going out.
I had to take a few walk breaks today. that wind literally killed me. and it wasn’t even really a wind. 6-8mph.
when I hit miles 9 and 10 my legs felt dead, and I had hills to complete. miles 1-8 I averaged nothing less than a 8:36 minute/mile pace. but miles 9 and 10 were 9:05 minute/mile pace. I was beat. I don’t know what I could have done differently. I drank water. I took my shot blocks. I just think that wind really wore on me more than I expected.
that’s ok though. I needed to experience a “windy” situation.

I immediately jumped into a ice bath when I got home.
I’m experiencing a sore achilles tendon and will most definitely be taking two full rest days before my race. it doesn’t hurt while I’m running, unless I take walk breaks. but it is a little sore now.

overall. I guess I’ll say I’m happy with the first 8 miles. miles 9 and 10…I wish I had a little more left in the tank. but we all experience that. we all wish we could have done better.
10 miles was a personal distance record. I’m happy I did it. I feel ready for my 1/2. I mean…really I just did 10 miles, whats 3.1 more?

when I came downstairs this morning I noticed we had a



see the blue and orange duck?
see the white “guts?”
that is Twogs’ handy work.
poor duck.

Hubby and I are off to good ole trasper (casper), wyo for a wedding this weekend.
I hate that town.
we try to only spend short bursts of time there.


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