Monday, April 25, 2011

a nice night to walk

with it staying light outside later at night Hubby, me, and Twogs are free to enjoy some late walks together. its easier because its less busy and we are able to let Twogs off the leash on the paths.


it was a little chilly, but not enough to keep us inside.


the walk was enjoyable.


Hubby has been trying to get Twogs on pheasants so she knows what to do. she just needs to flush and not be afraid of them. we think she gets the scent. she’s definitely got her little nose on the ground working the entire time.


Hubby was taking Twogs off the normal trail to see if they could find some birds, but no luck.

once we got on the upper part of the path Twogs ended up finding two birds all her own and flushed them. Hubby was super proud of her to say the least. I wasn’t about to let him let her continue to go after them for fear that we would get the cops called on us for harassing the wildlife. but when Twogs came running back, we made sure to give her extra lovins so she knew what she was doing was the right thing. she was very proud and almost strutting the rest of the walk home.


we got home and crawled into bed immediately. we were all pooped. Hubby was out til 0230 the night before playing poker. I had run 9 miles and was a little short on refueling calories so I wasn’t feeling well.

Hubby went off for a fishing trip today. I was invited, but chose to stay back. I wanted to go, but didn’t want to be out there all day, but I didn’t want to hold the boys back.2


Jen said...Best Blogger Tips

Your pictures are great! My husband would love it if we had a dog that would flush out birds. He's going turkey hunting in a week or so.
Great job on your mileage. I avoid the wind too! And I'm loving that it's lighter later now too!

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