Monday, April 11, 2011

gorgeous day!

it was a very gorgeous spring day in northern wyoming.

this morning Hubby actually tagged along with me on my 5 miler I had planned. he opted to ride his bike along side while Twogs ran with him. I waited until about 930 this morning before I headed out and it was plenty warm. my t-shirt was soaked when I got back to the house. I jumped in for an ice bath immediately after returning home because I could feel some stiffness in my hip. it was gone when I was done with my ice bath, but I gave it some extra love with the foam roller.

it was too nice of a day to be stuck inside and luckily today is the first day of Hubby’s “weekend.”

we met up with one of Hubby’s co-workers for a giant puppy play date.

this is Lyla and Abby. Abby is the golden retriever.
looks pretty similar to Twogs.

we took all 4 of them out to Welch Rec Area and let them play in the river and in the fields. let’s just say all 4 puppies will sleep good tonight. I know our two are currently passed out on the floor.

there were some pretty gorgeous views of the Bighorn Mountains too.

just another sunny day out on the river. I actually wore a tank top today! bam!

I think this was a “you’re suppose to go find the birds” kind of talk. its hard to get her to go out in front of us when we’ve been training her to walk right next to us while we’re in town. I think she’s kind of confused sometimes. but she’s extremely eager to please us. we’re a proud Mom and Dad…most days.

Hubby and I came home, grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs. we are relaxing watching the Rockies game.

Hubby’s exciting stuff happens tomorrow! yay!


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