Thursday, April 21, 2011

operation hydrate

its just pure heaven outside right now.
I’m really envious of the runners out there today.
I thought seriously about doing my 9 miles today. only to have the nice weather.
but then I thought, “no, there is no guarantee you’ll have pleasant weather come race day.” two weeks ago when I ran 8 miles it wasn’t the best weather either, but I braved them and did the miles in pretty good time.

I was recently given a subscription of Runner’s World from my Momma.
I received a special “Trail Runner” issue. I read that you should be drinking ~72 ounces of water prior to a race.
I’m not doing a race tomorrow, but I am doing 9 miles. so I figured I’d try this whole hydration thingy. Winking smile

this is what I have to conquer today. 74 ounces.

I’m ready to go.

as I finish up this post, I just finished my first 10 ounces. 64 to go!

as I have mentioned. I have 9 miles to accomplish tomorrow.
I’m excited. slightly nervous, but more excited!
my sister (she’s our special company this weekend) is going to ride my bike next to me as I run. I’m going to put her in charge of the camera.
I still haven’t decided my route.
I’m excited to use my garmin!

Here’s a few pictures I took yesterday afternoon after Twogs and I got back from our run.

she was pooped to say the least. but its good for her!


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