Friday, April 8, 2011

all about the puppies

we took a day to take the puppies for some quality exercise on Tuesday.
Hubby also wanted to see if our little girl, Twogwotee would chase birds.

We went out to an area outside of Sheridan where we know are pheasants, ducks and geese.


it was a gorgeous day. earlier that morning Hubby actually went for my 4.5 mile run with me and he was in charge of the dog since it was his idea to let her run off the leash. so by afternoon when we got out to Welch it was well into the 60’s.


all suited up. both dogs have on vests to protect their bellies from getting scratched in the brush. Twogwotee also is wearing a pack that we got for her for when we going hiking and backpacking. Hubby ended up carrying it for the most part because Twogs wouldn’t run as fast or as good with it on. Plus, this stretch of land is right on the river and we can’t keep the pups out of the water.

looking upstream and downstream.

oh look…there’s Twogs with her pack on. Smile

I knew keeping them out of the water wouldn’t last long.

if you look. they are both carrying the “dummy.” one can’t just be better than the other.

they were shaking. but couldn’t resist the water. the water couldn’t have been very warm. but we played with them out of the water to get them warmed up and dried off.

in just about every other “group” photo of these two Twogs is licking her nose. silly puppy.

we did manage to flush a few pheasants and scared the crap out of all of us. Twogs needs some work on the idea of flushing birds, but she gets the smell and knows and tries to find them, but usually ends up accidently flushing them and scare her. poor thing. the puppies were definitely pooped after their play day.

we drove around looking for some prairie dog towns and came upon a definite sign of spring in wyoming.

this little fella’ had to be only a few hours/days old. he could barely stand up. still a little wobbly. cute little thing though. there are little baby calves all over the ranch land surrounding sheridan. its definitely spring. plus its been raining for a few days straight now.

I just hope the weather holds off for tomorrow. I have 8 miles to accomplish and would prefer to do it outside in semi-nice weather.

I have 1 more recap coming!
it involves this guy!



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