Sunday, April 10, 2011

relaxing sunday

I woke up feeling horrible.
I wasn’t sick. I just slept like crap. tossing and turning all night.
I usually sleep for an extra 30-60 minutes after Hubby leaves for work. but unfortunately that did not happen today. I was up at 0730.

I spent the morning catching up on laundry and cleaning out my closet. its so nice to have it organized. I can actually find clothes in there now.

I watched the Rockies game this afternoon while curled up on the couch with this little lady.


after the Rockies game was over (they won!) I took Twogs for a walk. my training plan calls for stretching and strengthening. Hubby said he would go to the gym with me tonight when he got off work. I still wanted to get a few recovery miles on my legs after yesterdays 8 miles even if it was just a walking pace.

it sure was nice to see a turn around in the weather. today is pretty windy though. but nonetheless warmer and sunnier than yesterdays dreary day.

Twogwotee enjoyed the sunshine!


look at that! the pond is completely melted. there were even people fishing when I walked by. not sure if they were having any luck.

what happened to the sunshine?

the storm clouds made me shorten my route just slightly because I wasn’t dressed to be walking in the rain. at one point it did start to sprinkle, but not enough to get us wet.

oh look there’s more sunshine. and my beloved bighorn mountains!

I came home and was starving. I remember that I had bought some mangoes at the store the last time we visited and chopped one up to munch on.


I’m not really sure how mangoes are suppose to taste. I liked it. and I’m not even that sure if they’re suppose to be more like apples when they are prime or more like a pear.

Hubby has some exciting stuff happening this week. I’ll try to keep up on it all. tomorrow is suppose to be the nicest all week. maybe another bbq day?


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