Saturday, April 9, 2011

wham bam thank you ma’am!

woah! what’s this? two posts in one day?
yeah…I’m not fighting off the Hubby for use of the computer. he’s back at work.

training planned called for 8 miles. and I was determined to do those 8 and I wanted to do them outside.

“ma, are you sure you want to run in this? count me OUT!”

I kept looking at the hourly forecast for the temperature.
it kept saying it would hit 40* by 11am.
it never did. and its still not currently above 40*.
I knew if I kept waiting for the weather to hit 40* I may run out of time (I have somewhere exciting to be at 5pm) and I may end up running in a downpour.
I just cowboy’d up and went for it.

it was probably about 36* the whole run.
I ran in my typical out fit. remember? the same thing
I ran in for my 10K.
I felt a little chilly for the first 0.50-1.0 mile.
once I was in it though. I felt great.

(there aren’t any pictures of my run. sorry, I just don’t like having to carry stuff in my hands)

I ran solid for the first 2.5 miles. I felt quick. and when I looked at my watch I saw ~17 minutes. I didn’t bother working out what I ran that in, but it was probably my fastest 2.5 yet. my pony tail kept falling out, and I kept messing with it until finally I got it to sit just right. everytime I’m out on a run I always think, “I should have brought an extra hair tie, because if this one breaks right now while I’m trying to get my hair as tight as possible…I’m going to be SCREWED!” thankfully it never broke and I didn’t have to mess with it again after the 3 mile mark.

I kept up a good pace. starting out I was just thinking how far I had to go. it seemed very daunting to me, but once I hit that point where I started heading back towards my house and not away anymore I felt good. another thing that helped was looking ahead an telling myself “run to this block and then I’ll walk.” I would keep pushing it once I made it to “that block.” it was nice. I also took 2 shot blocks around this time. just shy of 5 miles. I feel like once they got into my system I had a bunch more energy. I can’t believe how well they actually work! I’m hooked!

I kept a solid pace from about 5 miles to 7 miles. when I hit 7 miles my upper abs starting cramping. it was the weirdest feeling I’ve ever experienced on a run. it was different than a side stitch. which I also got on this run, but was able to walk, let it go away and pick my pace back up without the side stitch coming back. as far as the ab cramping. I walked and let them chill out. picked up running. surprisingly running up my final hill to home released the tension in them and they didn’t hurt anymore.

I finished off my 8 miles in just over an hour with a average 8:30 pace.
I was very pleased with it. halfway through my run I was actually wishing it would start raining just a little to give me a sense of just what it feels like, but all I got was a misting.

I came home and immediately jumped into an ice bath with some chocolate milk and glucosamine.
after my ice bath I took a shower. first one in a couple of days. it was definitely time.

after I was fresh and clean I made myself a green smoothie!


I put soymilk, bananas, frozen mangoes, whey protein powder and a handful of spinach. I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t even taste the spinach.

funny story. Twogwotee is a tail chaser. I’ve never seen a dog chase their tail so much. I left the pups inside while on my run and came home to a bunch of this all over the place.

“hey…that’s mine!”

you can always tell how she’s been keeping herself entertained because there are little fluffs of hair all over the place. its funny to see her spitting out the tufts of hair.

overall I’ve had a great saturday! my run was awesome. it was the longest run yet and I think was able to keep a steady pace. I really need to get myself a damn garmin!


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