Saturday, April 9, 2011

a day for the pony

I might actually get all caught up on recaps today!
this is my final one. nothing exciting has happened since this.
wednesday was again a decent day, weather wise and we decided to go out and visit the
other boy in my life.


he’s shedding his winter coat like crazy this time of year and so we brushed him out a little and gave him a little one on one time. it was obvious that he’d been rolling in the mud and dirt so while I brushed out his back Hubby worked on his mane. I had to make sure I stood up wind of the extra hair that was flying around. I’m really allergic to horses and didn’t take allergy medicine before we went out because in all honesty I didn’t expect to be brushing him. with all the extra hair on the ground it looked like I killed something out there. Hubby said I could probably brush for 2 weeks straight and I would still be getting hair off of him. so I just brushed off the dirt and mud and made him look pretty before I called it quits. I was covered in hair and started the coughing and sneezing and knew it was time to be done. I try to remind myself not to rub my eyes or skin after messing with horses or “ranch animals” period. well I did good on the eyes part, but my neck was red and itchy by the time we got back into town. ugh. shower time!

Hubby wanted to ride him, but Slim still had a sore on his back from where the blanket from the winter had worn. so we’re still letting it heal. but Hubby had no problem jumping on him bareback. Hubby tried to get on with no assistance from me, but Slim wasn’t having it. so I offered to hold Slim. I was worried he was going to throw his head, so I braced myself when Hubby jumped on, but nothing. He just stood there. I think Slim loves me more than Hubby.


Slim is a great beginning rider horse. he doesn’t have an ounce of buck in him. I feel very comfortable around him and even last year I was brave enough to go out and saddle and ride Slim without Hubby around. Hubby likes to rope around and off of slim. he evens ropes Slim. he usually doesn’t mind. Hubby will rope Slim’s head and feet while I’m riding and while some horses wouldn’t allow it, Slim just walks on by. he reacts a little different when there’s not a saddle on him.

side story: Hubby tried to use Twogwotee as a roping dummy and now she’s terrified of the ropes and will literally jump into my lap in the chair at home when Hubby literally just touches the rope. on wednesday, I felt like Slim was doing the same thing when I was walking him by Hubby to rope Slim’s back legs. he would spin around and end up right in front of me…as much in my lap as a horse could be.

“you talking to me?”


I’m not brave enough to jump on him bareback. even if he does have a bit and reins. my legs just aren’t strong enough. hmm? maybe riding Slim for an hour could count as a cross training day.

ain’t he pretty?

see the reins? they’re mine obviously. they are purple and pink. I got Hubby a similar pair for his birthday only his are just bright pink black and gold. He forgot his at home this day so he resorted to using stealing mine.


this is Slim’s buddy. when we took Slim out of the corral to the trailer the other horse went crazy. nah-ing and “whinning” (that’s a weird word and probably spelled wrong. but just think of all the horse noises). he was happy to have Slim back. they are both older horses and both very sweet and gentle. this guy will walk right up to ya. that’s the kind of horse I want. one I don’t have to chase all over the place. kind of like Slim (if you have a bucket full of grain).

well folks. I’m off for an 8 mile run. I’ve waited long enough for the weather to warm up. I really want to get some long runs accomplished outside and not on the treadmill. this will tell ya how small sheridan is. I’m running from one side of town to the other and back. for 8 miles. Smile


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