Wednesday, April 13, 2011

over the hill

and through the Bighorn National Forest to Momma’s house we go. even though Mom wasn’t home we raided her house! Smile

we headed over there last night after Hubby got home from his super important job interview. the weather was super crummy on our side of the mountain. it was snowing/raining, cold, cloudy. just not fun.


the puppies didn’t seem to mind the weather. they embraced the fact that we had rolled the window down for them.


FYI: there is still plenty of snow on the mountain.

once we got to the other side and headed back down the mountain we got some gorgeous sunset views.


Hubby woke up bright and early for his other exciting opportunity. He was going through the testing process for another position. same career field again. he left the house about 640 and was home around 900. he had to wait until 2pm for his interview. so we killed some time by driving around looking at a few houses that were for sale that we liked that we saw on the internet. we are getting ahead of ourselves yes, that’s why I’m not falling in love with any of them.

we also went out to lunch. Mom’s house was empty of food since she’s been gone so much. I was excited though because it gave us the opportunity to go to my favorite sandwich shop in Cody.

so delicious! I wanted to go there again for dinner, but we left Cody too early to get dinner.

to kill more time we walked downtown Cody.

irma hotel.

the drive home was peaceful. and pretty. we saw some wild horses running free. best. sight. ever! they are so pretty to be able to roam free. sorry no pictures. Sad smile


we stopped to let the puppies out to potty and all the wanted to do was romp.

happy puppies!

we made it home safely. we’ll know more regarding Hubby’s interviews by the end of the week.

I went to the gym. I shouldn’t have expected much out of myself today. I woke up this morning extremely light headed. I felt like I had been drinking all night and woke up with room spins. it was awful. it never really got better all day. I accomplished my 5 miles and did some weight lifting, but it wasn’t all that great. hopefully tomorrow is much better. I came home and downed a protein shake because I felt like maybe I was just short on my protein. I’m not really sure. we’ll see how tomorrow goes.


Jen said...Best Blogger Tips

Those are some really great pictures and it looks like your dogs enjoyed the trip!
I loved your reasons for running and blogging. It's amazing to me that something that takes energy, gives it back. Have a great weekend!

ashe said...Best Blogger Tips

thanks for following my blog Jen! i'm totally envious of you! i'll hopefully be brave enough to do barefoot running one day!

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