Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sweat makes me happy

I took yesterday as an unplanned rest day.
I wasted no time getting in the gym this morning though.
I wanted to get some mileage on my legs just to keep them feeling happy.

the other thing that makes me happy?

when I’m in a climate controlled gym (not really. I would much rather run outside, but considering there was 30* and wind chills of 18* I wasn’t exactly feeling like doing the work to find my “really cold weather” running gear)  and I work just a little extra hard on a workout that makes me sweat enough for some shirt color changing! Smile


I tend to take a few minutes out of my day to admire my sweaty mess! I even take a few minutes to call Hubby (if he’s at work) and tell him “you should have been there, my shirt was soaked!”

am I a little weird? sorry.

once home from the gym, I picked up on my part of the cleaning so Hubby wouldn’t complain quite as much. I haven’t even taken the time to shower. I'm still in my gym clothes, even my running shoes.

I have 3 pairs of running shoes that I’ve been rotating. just trying to figure out which ones work the best. each pair seems to make a different body part ache. but that’s a-ok. as long as I’m still able to get some miles.

I ran 5 miles. 40:41
Mile 0-1.0: a warm-up mile at 8:27 minute/mile pace.
Mile 1.0-2.5: 8:06 minute/mile
Mile 2.5-4.0: 7:53 minute/mile
Mile 4.0-4.25: 8:13 minute/mile
Mile 4.25-4.5: 8:06 minute/mile
Mile 4.5-4.75: 7:47 minute/mile
and then every 0.05 of a mile I up’ed my speed 0.1 mph.
overall I averaged 8:08 minute/mile.
I was definitely tired when I was pushing 4 miles, and then again at the end when I was “sprinting.”

my ankle hurt a little, but not enough for me to change running form. once I was warmed up I couldn’t feel any pain. I made sure to stretch out just a little bit extra. I had to change up my running plan just a little to accommodate to make my long run saturday become long run friday! I have quite an adventure coming on saturday. get excited! Smile with tongue out

Hubby is getting excited for his little poker event.


I can’t quite tell if Twogs shares the same excitement. she’ll probably be hanging out with me upstairs while we watch some baseball!

“poker with Dad? do I have to?”

“baseball with Mom? yes please!”


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