Monday, April 18, 2011

kind of required

winter showed up again last night and this morning.
for some reason it surprised me. shouldn’t have, but it did.
I’m hoping to maybe get a run in today. but my ankle has been bothering me a little lately so I may take the day off.
Hubby and I also have company coming for this weekend, so I’m trying to adjust my training plan so I still get in my long run of 9 miles in for this week.
we’ll see. keep your fingers crossed for me!

in other exciting news.

when you have some of these:


I would say its required to have one of these:


which requires a lot of this:


don’t get me wrong. we have always had a vacuum, just not a very pet friendly one.

our old vacuum was perfect for us at the time. we only had two kitties and they don’t shed near as much as Twogs and Gannett. so we bit the bullet today and went to walmart to purchase a new one. we’re very pleased with our new purchase. I can’t believe how well it does…or maybe I should say how under prepared our old vacuum really was.

Hubby has been vacuuming up a storm since we returned home.
I’ve been stalking your blogs.

he’s also been cleaning the house. like spotless cleaning. he’s planning a poker tournament tomorrow night. awesome. guess I’ll be upstairs watching sports since my first poker experience wasn’t exactly enjoyable.


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