Saturday, April 23, 2011

bar hoppin’ sheridan wyo

Sister recently (ok maybe not recently) became legal.
Her request this weekend was to go to the Mint Bar.
And to the Mint Bar we went.

I blew up this picture. their faces are priceless.

the Mint is actually really cool. there are brands from wyoming all over the walls and ceiling. its not a very big bar and I can see it be very crowded when there isn’t something else going on in town. we played two games of pool and called it good there. things were already getting a little out of hand.

ignore my pasty white complexion. it must have been the lighting. I’m typical a gorgeous tan color. Winking smile
I was cleaning up my spilled drink. I’m pretty sure I spilled more than I had actually drank. this was my only alcoholic beverage of the night. I returned to high quality H2O.

after having a nice fresh smell of smoke on our clothes.014

we headed off to the next “bar.” there was a country western band in town. Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers. they make their home in Laramie, WY. they’re up and coming I’m sure of it! I

001 (2)002 (2)008 (2)

Sister fell in love with the bass player. and being her she had to stalk and get a picture!

006 (2)
he’s pretty cute!


there was a cute boy sitting in front of us. Hubby and I were trying to give Sister some pointers. I told her just to wink at him. she was getting pretty bright red. then Hubby came up with this plan.

take a drink and wink!
I don’t think it worked. or was even put into motion.

we did leave her alone so she could talk to him.
this was the result of that.
she spilled half all my water.


we had a good night. Sister was the only one that was “drunk.” I’m growing out of that phase. we made it home by midnight. I didn’t want to stay out too late.

off on our next adventure!


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