Sunday, April 24, 2011

my 9 Easter miles

if you remember, I had company so I switched up my training plan.
I was planning to do 9 miles on friday, but the weather just didn’t cooperate. I didn’t feel like competing with the wind.
so I pushed my 9 miles back to today.
I’m glad I did.

I did an out and back route.
it was me, myself, and I.
plus shoes, clothes (thank god!), garmin, water pack, shots blocks, the road, and an audience of cows!
as I hit halfway I began thinking (after I noticed some cow pies on the highway) “thank god they aren’t moving cows somewhere today. I would be SCREEEEEEWED!”

today was also another trial and error day. but no error!
I used Hubby’s knockoff mini camelbak that we bought from walmart. this was before he was a serious day hiker…and before I decided I didn’t want to be the pack mule on day hikes and he needed to learn to carry his own crap! don’t get me wrong. he offered to carry the pack when we only had just mine, but it makes me work harder and keeps me a little warmer. did you happen to notice who was carrying the packs for our mini hike up tongue river canyon?

that’s right, me and Twogs! Winking smile

anyways back to today…
the knockoff “camelbak” worked perfectly! I was actually surprised that it didn’t bounce as much as I expected.

so its decided. I will wear the water pack for my half marathon. Smile

it is just a gorgeous day here!
ok, maybe the pasty whiteness is a natural thing for me. you caught me! I can usually only get two different colors: lobster red and white.

9.12 miles were amazing.
I didn’t take any walk breaks!


my garmin helped me pace.
I’m totally in love!


I’m going to jump in for an ice bath (and beat Twogs away from the ice) and then I’m going to go outside and enjoy the weather.

guess what??!?! only 1 more long run before my FIRST 1/2  marathon!



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