Saturday, April 16, 2011

fighting for the ice

today was long run saturday.
I guess I consider a 10K a long run.
my training plan called for a 10K race. well this is small town WYO and we rarely have any races, so I did a 10K at race pace. since I have ran a
10K race I knew what I wanted to aim for my race pace.
I headed out from my house.
I still don’t have a garmin so I use
dailymile to plan my routes. but I used pretty much the same course I did for my first 10K race. I had the option of running the hilly portion right of the bat, but I chose to save that for the last 1.5 miles of my run to see how my legs would react to hills with some fatigue in them. they definitely screamed “what are you doing?! we’re fatigued, duh!”
we managed though and I only had to take a few walking breaks (and none of those were on the hills), but I made sure to push myself and not let those walking breaks last more than 1 minute. I did have to stop a tie my shoe at one point. grrrr…
I felt good, except going up the hills. I just kept thinking “this is killing my time. there is now way I’m going to be close to race pace.”
I was wrong. I was right on with pace.
I finished 6.3 miles in 51:32. average a 8:10 min/mile pace. my 10K race pace was 8:13 min/mile. I feel like I’m getting better and stronger.
eeeks…only 3 weeks to my first 1/2 marathon race.
eeeeks…only 2 more long run saturdays before my first 1/2 marathon.
let’s not talk about it. it makes me nervous.
the exciting part about todays run.
it was outside and….
I ran in a t-shirt and shorts!
no long sleeve or gloves required!
it was a little windy and I felt chilled at the beginning, but once I got going and warmed up I was perfect! and less sweaty when I got home.
the sun is still shining!
once I got home it was ice bath time.
I have to fight for my ice.
Twogwotee LOVES the ice. and if I’m not keeping a close eye on her she eats the ice out of the bath tub. I had to run into the bedroom real quick to grab something and when I came back she was munching away. you ask, “why don’t you just lock her out of the bathroom?” well because she’ll whine the entire time I’m in the bathroom. so once I beat her (not really, please don’t call animal protective services!) away from the tub and got her to lay down I jumped in for 20 minutes. I must have had the water a little colder than usual because I still had ice when I was done. and just like typical Twogs fashion she was trying to eat what was left. at one point she actually attempted to put 1 paw into the bath tub to get to the ice. that’s when I decided it would probably be easier to scoop out some ice cubes to give to her otherwise the bathroom and Twogwotee would be one soaking wet mess.
ya think she’s trying to tell me something?
”ma, seriously…its too dang nice NOT to go to the park and play some ball. come on! have ball, will travel. PLEASE!”
so, I better get off of here and give the pups some attention. they were good (no new digging holes) in the backyard while I was gone on my run!


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