Thursday, April 21, 2011

company time!

its close enough to the weekend and its company time!


she has a long weekend off of school so she’s up here visiting. she’s a good college kid and does her homework before the weekend. this weekend might be slightly jam packed so she’s probably being pretty smart about it.

010 (2)011
both puppies were extremely excited to see her to say the least. Twogs couldn’t sit still long enough for Sister to give her lovins. Twogs just wanted to show her her football.

we decided to let the dogs takes turns in the receiving of loves department. Twogwotee felt completely left out. poor thing. she’s abused (not really). she’s a sheltered puppy. Winking smile

dinner tonight was enjoyed with my sister.

005 (2)006 (2)
yes, I am carb loading. thanks for asking.

007 (2)

remember operation hydrate?

its going well. I’ve completed my 74 ounces that I had set out,

003 (2)
all 3….empty!

I even actually filled up again and have still been swigging down water. I’m up to about 84 ounces total.

I went to look for a “running water bottle” today. you know those ones that just “stick” on your hand? I decided against one for now. Hubby has a smaller camelbak that I was going to test out tomorrow. I’m just worried that it will bounce too much and bother me. we’ll see tomorrow.

weather tomorrow may not be in my favor. looking like 30s maybe 40s if I wait long enough. windy. snowy. rainy. guess you have to train in all elements possible.

good night all!


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