Friday, April 22, 2011

a sign of spring

look what I found outside today?

new leaves on the tree in our backyard! spring has got to be here to stay!

although I’m not sure the weather agrees with that statement today.
no snow accumulation. I don’t think we will get any.
the wind hasn’t let up.
the cold temperatures have only decreased.
the puppies don’t even care to be outside longer than necessary.

my kitty wind chime has been making music all day long.

instead of taking an ice bath today (I felt a little chilled all day).
I went to the other end of the spectrum.

a nice hot soaking bath with epsom salt. it was nice. and I could stand to be in it longer than 20 minutes. Winking smile 

plus I had some good reading material.

my latest SI. yes, its MY SI. not Hubby’s.

off to get ready for some bar hopping.
we’ll be hitting the WORLD FAMOUS MINT BAR.


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