Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it’s a big day

I woke up with all the motivation in the world to go to the gym for some solid cross training. I chose to wait for Hubby to get up to see if he wanted to join, even though I already knew the answer. in turn I lost complete motivation.

I made a deal with Hubby that I would buy lunch if we rode our bikes to get it. he agreed. I had this giant misconception that it was actually nice outside. I only used about and 3’x3’ window to check the skies. bad idea. as we left the house I claimed I felt rain drops. but then I thought “seriously? you’re just looking for an excuse out of this when it was your idea. cowboy up!” so I did, but then I really started feeling rain drops and it wasn’t a light misting. so our bike ride was turned around and we only did about 15 minutes. it rained the entire time to and from lunch. our quads were burning from our little bike ride and I declared that I should do more bike riding to strengthen my quads. Hubby agreed with that one too. we still went to lunch, but drove the bug instead.

just for your viewing pleasure. dorky puppy and Hubby since he got the beer to put in her paw (even though the beer was my idea).

after lunch we came home to watch Secretariat. great movie! I wanted to do something that would pass the time for Hubby’s big event so he would keep his mind off of it.

I think it worked.

Hubby has a permanent job now. a job he loves. but he has a BIG job interview today for a different position, but in the same career field. something he has always strived for. he was pretty chilled out all day.


then it came time to change and shave. he started getting anxious which in turn made me anxious and gave me nerves. its out of my control. I’m just praying he does a great job with his interview and God will let happen what is suppose to happen.

look who I found in an interesting “bed” while I was packing.

I asked Hubby if he wanted me to foam roll his back side. seriously. that’s exactly what I asked. ooops, I really meant lint roll even though the foam roll would feel better.

all pretty looking! I didn’t want to make him take his coat off again. he had already done it a couple times.

I had mentioned packing. we are going on a short trip. for another exciting experience for Hubby. we’ll only be gone 1 night.

I’m pretty sure this is the smallest bag that’s been taken on an overnight trip. and it has Hubby and my clothes in it! plus workout clothes for both of us. Hubby is required to workout tomorrow, I’m not. I’ll see how the wind and weather is and decide from there.

Did I mention that I am hoping to take this bag only to the Bahamas next month? lots of bikinis. and minimal shoes. actually Hubby and I will both carry a bag like this on the airplane and pack one giant bag to be checked. seeing how the stupid bag fees start with the first bag anymore we try to travel light. it worked when we went to Hawaii for our wedding and honeymoon. and we ended up just buying a bag there to pack all of our extras to get home, plus somehow we managed to not get hit with bag fees!

I’ll definitely be posting tomorrow. we have a pretty drive tonight to get to our destination.


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