Thursday, April 7, 2011

hubby’s birthday

oh boy.
I do so well blogging daily. then we do something super exciting and I actually have something worth blogging about. then I have to fight off Hubby for use of the computer.

Hubby’s birthday was last sunday the 3rd.

we spent most of the day doing nothing.
I didn’t have any super special planned until the night before.
nothing too exciting was happening in sheridan. and he received all his gifts prior to his birthday.

I got him an armband thingy for his ipod. he loved it!
he also got new reigns for the pony.

I told him we had to be ready to go at 1pm.


not very often that we both get completely dressed up.

its even more rare when I get to wear my special bracelet I received from Hubby for Christmas.


Hubby had to drive because I was wearing my “sexy boots.” little difficult to drive. I told Hubby we were headed to the theatre. I was surprised when he went to the correct one and not the movie place.


we went to a play!

it was very comical.  as we were waiting for the doors to open I noticed the older crowd filing in. like old enough to be my grandparents! I started to get a little worried about what this play was really about.

within the first 5 minutes of the curtain opening the f-bomb was dropped a minimum of 10 times. I knew we would be a-ok. it was hilarious! a great play. I would go back and watch it again. it didn’t end how I expected.

basically this play “the dead guy” (or is it suppose to be underlined?) is about this guy who’s given 1 million dollars to spend in a week, but he has to die at the end of 7 days. the next 7 days are filmed for a reality show and the audience (fake audience, not the real one) gets to choose how he dies. overall, I had fun and I’m pretty sure Hubby did also.

sometimes I feel like my date ideas are more stuff that I want to do rather than something Hubby has made clear he wants to do. remember our valentine’s date?
I said something to Hubby about this too and he responded with “well I feel like you would feel like this is stupid.” well its not! ok?!

Hubby has had 5 days off in a row, so we’ve been busy doing different things. I’ve been keeping up with my little training plan quite well. although after my run outside yesterday I began to feel a slight twinge in my shins. I got shin splints in high school playing soccer because we started early practicing indoors on a concrete floor. not good. when I looked to see what was planned for today I was thrilled to see a rest day and a cross training day tomorrow. I’ve got 8 miles planned for saturday so we’ll see how I feel before, during, and after that run.

I’ll recap some more tomorrow.


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