Sunday, April 17, 2011

tough d

its sunday!
and its Hubby’s first day off.
we laid around for most of the morning. I wanted to get to the gym before the Rockies game started at 1. this was a big deal, but it got done. lifted leg weights today, stretched and foam rolled. my legs feel fine after yesterdays fast 10K.

our friend has been asking aron to play on his 3 on 3 basketball team for the tournament the first week of June. so today they met up and shoot some hoops.

we took the bug, and I’m beginning to think Twogee loves the sunroof.


the boys are kind of hard core and play on an outside court in the elements. it was rained all night and a little this morning. it was nice by afternoon, but by the time the boys actually made it to the court it was drizzly. the sun wanted to come out and play.


Twogs loves to play basketball and she’ll make you a better dribbler and plays some tough defense. I refuse to play with her. she’s a ball hog too.


the boys played some games of 21 and Twogs and I sat on the sidelines to watch. it just about killed her. she just wanted to play too.

“please Mom, let me go play!”

the last time Hubby and I played basketball with her she ended up opening up her tongue. we were playing around and the next thing I notice is Twogs’ mouth is bright red. and my first thought was, “oh great, another emergency vet bill!” that didn’t happen this time. I had to hold her back until the playing wasn’t so serious.


I started to get cold, so Twogees and I climbed into the bug. she wasn’t too happy. she just wanted to play with Daddy!


we ended basketball around 5pm because I was getting hungry and so was Twogs. bbq pulled pork and mashed potatoes are cooking right now. better get to checking the potatoes!

enjoy your sunday evening.


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