Saturday, April 23, 2011

tongue river canyon

we headed towards the mountain this afternoon for a little hiking!
the mountain looked like it had potential to be a little wet. we weren’t wet, but it was definitely muddy!
luckily we got up and back before we got drenched.

tongue river canyon is at the base of the mountain. just barely onto national forest land.

Sister had to do some GPS-ing for one of her college classes so we went in search of a cave. although all the caves are closed, we could still locate the cave and look into it at least.

Twogs was all suited up!

snow melt hasn’t happened yet. the snow levels are still really high in the mountains which keeps river levels down, but once it all melts its going to get flowing!

the water was pretty crystal clear!

I would like to know how much this sign really stops people from going into the cave. its closed because of a bat disease that wildlife-ers are trying to stop the spread.

here’s another great picture of my white complexion. this time…totally the flashes fault. honestly.

there’s our cute little family!

hiking out.


once we got back to the vehicles and out of the canyon the mountain was completely socked in. we chose to wait until a later day to explore more miles of the trail. we found the cave and that’s all that was on our agenda!

off to a new to us restaurant!


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