Saturday, March 19, 2011

my first REAL race

today was the day.
my first real race.
I went big and chose the 10K run.

the race didn’t start until 11am, but I had to be down there about 10ish to register.
I woke up at 8 to give myself plenty of time to find all my gear, get some food in my belly and get my nerves settled. I was fine until we started to walk out the door.

I don’t look to sure about this.

I got a shirt! and my number.

I was suited up and ready to do this. I ditched the vest and sweats right before the start. it was hovering right around 30ish degrees and I didn’t want to get cold before I started.

I made sure I knew exactly where I was going. I kept going over it in my head. even though there were cones and arrows everywhere marking the course. I wanted to make sure I knew where I was.

my cheering section!

there was a 1 mile run/walk, 5K run/walk, and a 10K run. there was probably a total of 40ish people. a smaller race. but that was a-ok with me.

yay! here we go!

Hubby had managed to find me at a few spots throughout the course and did his job…take lots of pictures Smile

the finish! I made it.

as you can tell….the weather turned out great by finish time. I was plenty warm during the whole run. and there were a few times I felt like taking clothes off, but never did.

this may or may not have been a posed picture. Winking smile

this most definitely was not a posed picture. I felt that tired.

Hubby: “honey! smile.” me: “this is me smiling.”

time for my first race. not too shabby. I was just hoping to finish under 60 minutes. turns out I can run a mean 10K. plus (!) I was the first female overall to finish the 10K. I had another female on my tail the whole way. she passed me once the whole race…near the end and this happened because I started walking because I got a side stitch from coming down a huge hill. but I managed to catch back up to her and pass her to hold off until the finish.

a luna bar and lunch or dinner for two from one of our favorite restaurants in town!

hello sunshine!

ok, now I’ll smile! I just completed me first 10K!

as a participant you got lunch to another restaurant in town. one we haven’t been too. so after an ice bath and a shower, we headed off to lunch.

the cute little “your food is ready” buzzers!

Hubby had a sandwich and I got a personal pan pizza. we’ll definitely be back.

I had a crap load of fun for my first race! I’m really proud of myself and can feel my confidence increased after today. and I’m happy I did the 10K.

thanks for all the encouragement! it meant the world to me. Open-mouthed smile

we are resting right now. patiently waiting for my boys in red and black to play this afternoon.

Hubby’s had a couple poker nights with some friends and wives are invited and I think I better go tonight before they start to think I don’t exist. this should be a fun time!


Danielle said...Best Blogger Tips

Awesome job with your race! That's exciting!! : )

Lindsay and James Cotter said...Best Blogger Tips

oh awesome! CONGRATS friend. Love those pics.

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