Sunday, March 6, 2011

meadowlark skiing

we got to carve some turns today!

but first, let me start out at the very beginning.

we woke up to this.
fresh snow! I was just hoping it was snowing on the mountain too!

what turned into a BIG group ski day…quickly went downhill and numbers dwindled.

my sister was planning on driving up from casper this morning to join us. she called @ 645am. I checked the road report and webcams. the roads said they were clear, and the cameras looked clear. so I told sister to head this way.

I texted Mom, who was coming from Cody and was bringing sister’s skis and poles, that everything was a go.

about an hour later sister calls me back and tells me she’s turning around. she’s apparently been on snow packed roads the whole way. Mom then called and asked if we (Hubby and I) were still going and we said yes, so she continued on.

it took a little longer than expected, but we finally made it to the ski hill.
sorry, no pretty pictures. it was snowing and slightly socked in, so you really couldn’t see much from a distance.

mom had beat us to the hill. she immediately came over to the truck when we got out and said, “I’m not skiing. I forgot a coat.”


Hubby had extras, but she still passed. so…it was just me and Hubby suiting up for the day.

After Hubby having 2 knee surgeries (on the same knee) in a year…he was a little anxious to get out there, but also a little nervous.


To make us all feel a little better, he wore his knee brace.

that’s his “mitten peace sign”

this was their version of a half pipe (sorry its kind of hard to see, move the computer screen back and forth a little to see what we saw Winking smile)….I’m pretty sure this is just a creek bed.

no, I didn’t wreck. I don’t wreck. Smile with tongue out I was waiting for the sun to come out and work on my goggle tan. unfortunately…the sun played with us all day and we never got a full glimpse of the sun.

I’m in heaven!

Hubby however, does wreck. Open-mouthed smile

Hubby found some neck deep powder! or maybe found a nice rock to scratch up his board (its tough to see, but look within the yellow. you can see what was coming off the bottom at the lower part of the picture). uh oh. I always tell him when he gets mad about something new being “ruined”… “if you wanted to keep it “new” keep it in the box and put it on a shelf!”

the giant hole! it was the best part of the day. we were just laughing like crazy. he was truly stuck. I tried to pull him out, but he almost pulled me in.

he was covered in snow.

our family moto is every day on the hill is a great day, some are better than others. today was one of the better days! it was snowing all day, but it wasn’t cold. in fact, I had too many clothes on and I didn’t have any layers more than I usually do. fresh tracks on EVERY run. the snow was soft. the powder was great! wasn’t crowded at all. it was just a great day spent on the mountain with my #1 man!

some recovery fuel? yes please!

did I make up in pictures today? I hope so, and I hope you don’t fall asleep either.

speed workout tomorrow? probably.


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