Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sick. boo.

last night was NOT fun.
and to boot, Hubby was at work. so I had to fend for myself. let me tell you. going to walmart at 1100pm for emergency tummy medicine when you can barely stand up is not enjoyable.

I get these weird tummy aches. but not very often.

my first tummy ache like this, I had eaten out at subway that night. these tummy aches feel awful. they come out of no where and they aren’t the tummy aches you can just sleep through. these babies wake me up. back to the first one. I felt awful. I’ve never been pregnant, but I would describe the pain the same as a contraction. it builds and builds and builds from a 2 to an 8 on the pain scale. holds at 8 and then relief. the first one I got I was in the process of waking Hubby up to take me to the hospital, and then out of no where I got sick. and felt SO much better after, so I just chalked that instance up to food poisoning.

I have had a few others, and I was able to take tums or zantac to relieve the pain. easy. peasy. but a couple years ago I went to the ER one night because of it. they put a bunch of fluids in me, did blood work, but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I felt fine once I had the iv in me. so still no answers.

which brings us to last nights episode. I was super tired an actually was falling asleep while catching up on some tv shows on netflix when I felt one of THOSE tummy aches begin to build. I ran downstairs to look for some zantac. nothing. all out. great! so I popped some tums and came back to bed. but that didn’t slow them down. so I got dressed and head off to walmart to get some emergency zantac. the people at walmart were being extremely slow. I was dying. I hated standing in line. I had to bend over at some points. I got in the car, finally, and popped some medicine.

the pain subsided a little, but it was still there.
I felt like if I could throw up…I would feel better. and that’s what happened.
not fun!

I did feel a little better. at least better to where I could go to sleep.
oh, by the way. its like 1230 by now.

I got to sleep, but woke up again at 2 with a sudden grumbling in my tummy that told me I needed to be in the bathroom. and I ran. more sickness. ugh.

but I felt a little better once again.

I got back to sleep and slept right through to 8 o’clock when Hubby came home from work with a sprite in hand. I’ve been sipping on it, but still feel a little tummy twinge. I may end up making a trip to the store for some saltine crackers.

I had 4-5 miles scheduled for today, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
I’m still comfortably in bed. Open-mouthed smile and there is no sign of me leaving anytime soon.
gosh I’m lazy.

I’m just hoping to be better by saturday.and now I’m rethinking 5K instead of 10K for the race on saturday.

in the mean time…head on over to see stephanie’s rainbow themed giveaway! she’s awesome!


Stephanie said...Best Blogger Tips

If this is frequent you should get it checked out! Perhaps you're gluten intolerant or something you could change dietary?? I've had those cramps before and they are

Thanks for linking up! Hope you avoid any more mystery cramps!

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