Monday, March 28, 2011

must have spoken too soon

just three days ago. we were under a winter storm warning. it never showed up.
weather was gorgeous!

yesterday morning it was looking a little dreary out. I thought “could we possible get a thunderstorm today? how exciting”

rain drops! don’t mind the christmas tree. its almost dead. we’re too lazy to take it to the “green” trash bins around town when they have them out for the trees after christmas. also, don’t mind the dead grass.

I’ll get back to the weather shortly.

yesterdays training called for stretch and strengthening (ps:I hate that word! I can never spell it correctly). I did half of it. I ended up running 5 miles at the gym. I stretched and deeply foam rolled when I came home. I had every intention of “strengthening” but when it came time I had no motivation and just wanted to get out of my sweaty clothes. they were giving me the chills.

“ma, what are you doing? that looks nothing like a downward dog.”

it started to pick up the drizzle when I headed home from the gym.
Hubby texted me “ah its raining!” you see, he DID get our bug running (with a little help) and running great! so he’s been driving it to work since gas is so high. the bug has a slight leaking problem. it has a sunroof that sometimes doesn’t get closed all the way. but a day in the drizzle should be ok. the leaking is more like days in downpours.

“no dad, that’s totally wrong. its lefty loosey, righty tighty.”

a few hours later I looked outside and to what to my wandering eyes should appear…


oh boy. looks like I should have kept my mouth shut.

the snow didn’t stop until about 3pm today.


it was a heavy wet snow. so the back yard is currently a giant mud hole. the roads were slushy and wet.

needless to say, we definitely ended up getting our winter weather storm. maybe the last one of the season? not betting my life on that one. got to love spring time in wyoming. although this kind of weather could happen in the dead of summer.

its been a perfect day to take the advice of the wise boss lady of the house.

curl up on the couch and take naps. kind of hard to get a decent nap in when someone is shoving a camera in your face. my apologies Remi.

I did go to the gym early this morning. I had some errands late morning to be completed. today’s training 4.5 miles. and I managed to do it at my fastest pace yet. 8:06 minute/mile average. I felt good. I remember getting the side stitches. I haven’t had one in a while (knock on wood), and I’m chalking that problem up to the fact that I was kind of sick. cough, runny nose, semi sore throat. but much better now. and I can feel it in my training.

I was hoping later this week Hubby and I could venture up the mountain for one more day of snowshoeing. just been itching to go for a hike.

I’m getting yelled at by wise ole Remi that I’m doing to much. time to put my feet up and relax.


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