Friday, March 25, 2011

friday fun day

per training plan today was a rest day.
and per an ashley plan today was an eat everything in sight day.
I will pay for it tomorrow. although I have finished off my night with a little spaghetti.

we left for MT this morning. puppies and all.
I’m pretty sure it takes us longer to get to and from billings than the amount of time we spend there. hmm????

our 1 and only stop today was scheduled at cabela’s


I can remember the first time I set foot in the store. I didn’t know where to start. the store is huge and has so much stuff. Hubby could spend hours in the store. I on the other hand could not. I usually find myself spending 30 minutes at only one location in the store. do you remember what I said in my last post?


I Red heartthe giant fish tank.
after all that’s what I went to school for…fisheries. I spent most of my college career staring at dead fish that had been stuck in a jar too small for them for way too long. so anytime I get to see a live fish, especially one I haven’t seen “live” before I get pretty excited.

I actually managed to finally spend the remainder of my gift card (on myself instead of the pup) that my parents got each one of us last year for our anniversary.

(sorry for the awful picture)
socks. not just any normal socks running socks. and they’re girlie so I don’t have to worry about Hubby stealing them, or do i?

billings is far larger than sheridan.
there were too many choices to choose from for lunch.
Hubby wanted Red Lobster. but I hate that place. I can’t eat fish. I love them too much.
he gave me the choice of olive garden or red lobster. olive garden it is!


bruschetta as an appetizer. no I didn’t eat all of it….at lunch. I had the rest for dinner and still have most of the bruschetta left. delicious!
chicken parmesan with spaghetti for entrée. I ate all the chicken and left the spaghetti. ate that for dinner too.

somehow I didn’t take any pictures of Hubby’s food. oh that’s right…more fish. poor things. Winking smile

we had to make an errand out to visit slim. remember him?

just some of slim’s buddys. yes that is a donkey. ornery little thing.
just before I had managed to snag my camera out of my pocket the dog and horse were nose to nose. super cute!

oh…look what else is happening in our world?

if you can’t tell. you can see billings marked in the upper left corner. see the two white squares (ok…not perfect squares…but you know where I’m talking, I hope) below that? the bottom white square is sheridan county. sheridan sits smack dap in the middle. if you look to the right you see the color key. white=winter storm warning. in effect from tonight to tomorrow night. 6-8 inches total with 2 inches an hour at times. sounds like I might be digging myself out tomorrow. and may be forced to complete my schedule 5K in the gym on the treadmill. guess that gets Hubby off the hook to go with me.


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