Thursday, March 31, 2011

jillian and shawn t

man. have I been away that long? since monday? really? sheesh.

I had to go back to look at what I did do tuesday, and wednesday.

I’ve hit a slight problem. a hip issue. it doesn’t hurt when I’m running at all, but as soon as I start to walk. I can barely move. I’m thinking it’s a bone/joint issue and not a muscle issue. I’ve heated, iced, rested, foam rolled. it gets better by morning, but then when finish off my run I get strong pain in my hip. and only one side, not both hips.

back to what I’ve done since I’ve been away.
tuesday: 3 miles/25 minutes on the treadmill. I managed to get Hubby to the gym with me this day. so I lifted weights with him to even it out.
wednesday: 4.5 miles/38:21 on the treadmill. it was gorgeous weather that morning. I wanted to run outside, but my schedule called to strengthen too and wanted to do that at the gym. so I just went to the gym and saved a little time and non-motivation. I knew if I ran outside and came home I wouldn’t make it to the gym to lift.

today’s good news is its been warm enough to rain all last night and all day today.
today’s bad news is its been raining all day.
I thought, I should just go out and run in the weather but didn’t.

I went to the gym, jumped on the treadmill and pounded out a warm up mile. my plan was to walk some hill intervals, but as soon as I was done with my mile run and slowed down the treadmill I couldn’t walk again. I moved to lift some weights to see if I could figure out what moves I can do to strengthen that part of my body to relieve the pain. nothing really seemed to help.

I came home mad. I knew I had to get some form of exercise in today to make myself feel a little better.
enter jillian and shawn t.


I attempted jillian’s dvd. holy burn! I could feel the burn during. some of the moves i couldn’t get the hang of which tends to frustrate me more! but I got through the whole dvd. I think it will be good if I manage to make 6 weeks of it.
I pulled out insanity and chose to do the pure cardio dvd. good news. it felt good to get some sweat on and even better news my hip didn’t hurt! which means I will be incorporating more “cross training” aka shawn t into my workout days!

Hubby has been in the backyard all day with the newest toy to his collection.


tomorrow may bring some snowshoeing. hopefully the weather stops raining.


Stephanie said...Best Blogger Tips

I have that same sounding weird pain. I think I might be misaligned or something. Sometimes its there and sometimes its not. It could be something called piriformis (sp?)? Motrin or ibuprofen is the only thing that helps me!

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