Thursday, March 3, 2011

recap tuesday @ 7200 feet.

we didn’t have any major plans for tuesday.

1.) visit the campus.

2.) go to the game.

I was wanting to get in a run, but you all saw how well that turned out. if you forgot…check it out HERE!

I was all gung-ho about having lunch on campus that day, but Hubby decided to sleep until 1pm, and I didn’t feel like repeatedly trying to wake him up…he tends to get cranky. so I just enjoyed left over pizza and lounging with all the pups.

we finally made it to campus at about 3pm.


it was a gorgeous day in laramie. no wind. sunny. just a nice “spring” day.


there are some gorgeous buildings on campus.


prexy’s pasture (I guess UW’s version of a quad?).

034that’s most definitely a “typical” wyoming christmas tree. Winking smile



I won’t lie. being on campus makes me miss it. I love the vibe that being on campus gives. I love the idea of going from class to class. I hated all the time I spent studying and working on projects, but I do miss college.

we went to dinner later that evening with our friends in historic downtown laramie.

the buckhorn bar. you haven’t really been to the buckhorn bar until you do the buckhorn roll. and the buckhorn roll is often complete inadvertently after too many drinks. the Rents…er….maybe Dad has said he’s completed the buckhorn roll.

I kept a close eye on the clock. I was starting to worry we were going to miss tip-off. but we didn’t. we were still early enough to see the Pokes do their entrance.


my boys in red and black. Hubby might have been a little impressed with my knowledge of the boys. I picked them all out, and knew first names. I can get a little crazy when it comes to “my teams.”

let me be perfectly clear who I was rooting for that evening. and yes, we sat in the student section (my Rents might have disowned me after they learned that I was fully rooting for the aztecs that evening)….I think Hubby might have been a little worried when we started getting looks from the drunk students. I can take them. I wasn’t worried.

a slushy to enjoy! its kind of like rockies games and squishy’s…its not a Pokes game without one.

final score? aztecs won by 20+. I went to get a picture of the scoreboard but they turned it off before I could get there. who does that? I probably would have done it too though. poor Pokes. they just need this season to be over with and move on.

no partying after them game. we had to hit the road early in the morning. we had a couple pooped puppies from all the playing they did with the other 3 puppies. the ride home was quiet.


we stopped off in casper to have brunch with my sister.

hi sister!

we got home and relaxed. caught up on our dvr shows.


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