Thursday, March 10, 2011

a walk we did

Twogwotee and I went for a nice afternoon stroll today.
the weather was too nice not too.


I’m pretty sure when I asked her where her leash was…she was so excited I thought she was going to have an accident.

thankfully she chilled out enough to get a focused picture. but holy moly! she could hardly contain herself.

the little fishing ponds are still frozen over, but look at that gorgeous sunshine! it felt so good to be outside and no pressure to run well. just a nice smooth relaxing stroll. (don’t laugh) it was actually warmer outside today than it was in my house.

“mom! really? you let me off the leash in town? are you feeling ok?”

I let Twogs decide where we would go today and she chose the long walk, which included the walk next to the “zoo.” and look who was out for full display.


I’m pretty sure he did that himself. that ball is stuck on his brow tine. he must have gotten a little too rough when he was showing off for the ladies. well mr. you sure look silly now. good thing you don’t have any other bulls (elk) to compete with. I think you might just be laughed at. its almost like rudolph. Laughing out loud

well duh!

I Red heart the bighorns.


and I love my puppy!

the creek is slowly opening up. maybe by next weekend it will be mostly open since next week we are sitting in the 50s for highs all week.

I think its time to change the park banners. come on! let’s think spring at least. the school even decided it was nice enough because the park was buzzing full of kid chatter and fun kid screams.

she’s half big dog. that’s Hubby’s half. if she wasn’t on the leash she would have went out there after the ducks.

“are we home yet? I’m pooped.”

and pooped she was. she passed out right after a big drink of water.

“seriously?! can’t I just sleep?”

we had a lovely 4.25 mile walk. very spring-y outside. birds chirping. sun shining! it makes me ready for spring.

when I went to check the mail box today I had a very nice surprise from Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers (check her out…she super gorgeous, has a great fashion sense, lives a healthy lifestyle, and makes a mean flourless chocolate oatmeal cookie!).

there may or may not be any of them left. and I may or may not have thought about hiding them from the Hubby. Winking smile


I tried to lay down to take a little nap after my walk today, but I was too busy thinking about how I could rope my husband into taking on a 7-miler with me on Saturday. so…I came up with a plan he can’t resist (I hope). I asked if he would like to ride his bike next to me while I ran. he didn’t give me that “are you serious" look, so I think it must be a go! yippeee!


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