Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our home away from home


Hubby always has a weird schedule, so our “weekends” don’t always necessarily land on the weekend. this week he has monday, tuesday, wednesday off. and with me not having a job right now…well it makes it easy for us to kind of do whatever when his schedule allows and not have to worry about planning around 2 schedules.

monday, Hubby got off work at 0800am. he had worked all night, so he took a nap in the morning. I still hadn’t gotten much sleep but wasn’t really feeling going back to sleep when he got home. so I got up and finished packing for our 3 day trip. I was scheduled for a “cross training” day at the gym, but just really wasn’t in the mood for anything. so I took the day off. there is a lot that goes into packing when you have 2 dogs to tote along with you. I can’t imagine the amount of packing involved with kids.

we left sheridan around 1230ish. the roads were perfectly dry. nice sunny day out. around 40* the whole way. when we got to casper we hit a major slush pocket. that’s all fine and dandy, but my subaru doesn’t do well in slush. we were sliding all over the place. there was a car coming up fast on our rear and a semi in the right line. we were headed for the ditch, but thankfully we hit a dry patch of pavement and got straightened out. and the a$$hole behind us narrowly missed us.

we stopped only for a quick potty break and hit the road. we still had two hours to go. the roads stayed nice until we hit Shirley Rim, and well…then…

we got typical Shirley Rim in February.


there was nothing but snow, snow fences and giant snow drifts that might qualify as mountains if you live in Nebraska or Kansas.


these babies were cranking all gathering lots of wind energy. Winking smile


luckily though it was packed ice and not much slush so we weren’t sliding all over the place.

hello laramie. oh…I just enjoy being here. Hubby and I lived in laramie for 2 years while I finished up my degree. if there is another place in wyoming I HAD to live….it would most definitely be here.

we made it to laramie just about 530pm. which is saying a lot since it usually only takes 4 hours.

we are in laramie for the college basketball game tonight night. University of Wyoming v. San Diego State University. Open-mouthed smile You better believe I didn’t bring any brown and gold with me on this trip. sorry Cowboys, but you’ve been kind of embarrassing this season and well…my boys in red and black are just rockin’ it.

we are staying with some good friends and they have some playmates for Twogwotee.

meet Diesel.


meet Boog.


those boys are only 5 months old. and weigh 75ish lbs.

and they think they are lap dogs.

I’m was going to attempt a little run tuesday morning, before it gets got windy. the birds were chirping, the sun was shining. it was glorious. and I brought my clothes to run in, but forgot my vest. I had someone preventing me from changing though.


and that’s as far as my running clothes made it that day. to the couch and right back into the traveling bag. I just couldn’t get warm enough to want to go outside to run in cooler weather. laramie sits at 7200 feet above sea level compared to sheridan at 3700 feet. oh boy. 

tuesday/wednesday (wednesday was boring just the drive home) recap coming tomorrow. Open-mouthed smile


Lindsay and James Cotter said...Best Blogger Tips

wow, what a drive. I can't wait tfor the recap.

ashe said...Best Blogger Tips

@Lindsay and James Cotter
tuesday recap is up. can you not see it? :(

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