Wednesday, March 23, 2011

well well well…motivation there you are.


I wasn’t too tired.
I wasn’t too sore.
I felt great.
I just couldn’t find the motivation.
Sad smile
it does make me sad.
I hate it.
I’m thinking that it has something to do with “Aunt Flo’s” visits. (TMI? sorry)
I always hit a week (or a few days) a month when I don’t want to do anything. I refuse to go to the gym. I refuse to sweat. I sit around my house with NO motivation. and then eventually I get grouchy, and mad at myself.
everything sets me off. seriously. ask Hubby.
earlier this week (after my race on Saturday though) I freaked out (while folding laundry) about not having any cute clothes. all I do is wear jeans and tshirts.
after a few short minutes…I calmed down. walked away.

after 3 long un-motivated rest days I was determined to get to the gym.
old man winter wasn’t quite ready to go out, so I’m hoping he went out in style. like much of the country…we woke up to a nice little dusting of that white fluffy stuff called snow. damn! I was going to run outside. and I still could of. there wasn’t any on the road by the time I peeled myself out of bed, and the temps were hovering around 30 degrees. perfect weather. but I had gone to bed last night with a plan to do some intervals.
I finally changed into my gym clothes. and I felt the motivation increasing. I finally made it into the gym.

I started with a 1 mile warm-up at a 10:00 minute/mile pace. and the next 40 minutes looked something like this.
0-2: 6.5 mph
2-4: 7.0 mph
4-6: 7.5 mph
6-8: 8.0 mph
8-9: 8.5 mph
9-10: 3.5 mph
after I completed that cycle. I need there would be modifications occurring. for the next 3 sets.
10-12: 6.5 mph
12-14: 7.0 mph
14-16: 7.5 mph
16-18: 8.0 mph
18-19: 8.5 mph
19-20:30: 3.5 mph
20:30-22: 6.5 mph
22-24: 7.0 mph
24-26: 7.5 mph
26-27:30: 8.0 mph
27:30-28: 8.5 mph
28-30: 3.5 mph
30-32: 6.5 mph
32-34: 7.0 mph
34-36: 7.5 mph
36-37:30: 8.0 mph
37:30-38: 8.5 mph
38-41: 3.5 mph
I finished the last nine minutes with a cool-down at 6.5 mph. total mileage? 6.51 miles in 60 minutes. good enough for me.

when I got home from the gym after some stretching and foam rolling I searched for the next race that was in or near sheridan. and guess what I found?
6.5 weeks out.
after some quick research…I whipped up a little training plan to keep me going for 6.5 weeks. I know I should have given myself 12 weeks, but I’ve been training for my 10K and stayed busy with runs…so hopefully I’ll be ok.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.
guess I just found my motivation to get me running or exercising everyday.

I got a little something special in the mail today too.


hopefully I’ll learn something. and I’m sure I will, because I don’t even know the basics about running.

I have to apologize for my absence. I know its awful. and I’m still getting new to the whole blogging thing. but now…with 6 weeks to my FIRST half…I’m sure I’ll have plenty to blog about….I hope. Smile


Lindsay and James Cotter said...Best Blogger Tips

girl, that is still a killer workout to me! way to push through!

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