Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 miles and my first ice bath.

I have started and stopped this post about 3 different times. I’m just having troubles today. I wish there were pictures. ugh!

I meant to make this post yesterday, but just ever got around to it.

also, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I have GOT to get better at taking lots of pictures and not feeling silly about it. I’ve got to get Hubby to start taking pictures too.

yesterday was planned 7 miles. and 7.13 miles I did. in record time!

instead of doing 7 LOONG miles on the treadmill I decided to run the loop at the local park. I mapped it prior to my run so I knew just how many laps I would be doing.

10 laps. that sounds much better than the 28 I would have to do around a track. I wanted a fairly flat surface to really see what my time would be outside. the loop at the park was flat with some little hills, but I didn’t notice them.

I didn’t get to bed early the night before because I stayed up late to watch SDSU boys in their semifinal game of the MWC tournament. and I’m glad I did. it was a close game, but they won by 2. phew!

Hubby also had to work that night, and we all know how well I sleep when I’m home alone. if you remember I had also asked the hubs if he would ride his bike with me while I ran for moral support? well I told him that if it was above 30 when he got off we’d go right at 8. the temperature was hovering right around 25, and I still felt exhausted. so I stayed in bed a little longer….ok….a lot longer. I finally peeled myself out of bed at noon. I can’t wait until Hubby goes to days…regular sleep schedule.

I knew I had to get some food in my belly, so I ate a bowl of oatmeal, drank my pre-run drink and waited patiently for an hour to hopefully prevent any upset stomachs during my run.

before I left I asked Hubby if he wanted to go with. he asked the temperature. I said 43*. he responded with “I was hoping it would be warmer.” well ok then. I’m not going to wait all day to get this done. so I took off for the park.

it was another gorgeous spring day in sheridan. no wind (but it hardly does that). sunshine. the park was buzzing full of people. I kept wondering if people kept seeing me doing laps and wondered how many I was going to do.

dailymile map told me each lap was 0.71 miles. I don’t have a fancy garmin. Sad smile so I just clocked my laps with my normal watch.

here are my lap splits:
lap 1: 6:01
lap 2: 5:52 (wow!)
lap 3: 6:08
lap 4: 6:42 (some walked)
lap 5: 6:40
lap 6: 6:18
lap 7: 7:14 (got an awful side stitch)
lap 8: 6:18
lap 9: 6:21
lap 10: 6:25
total time: 1:04:10

7.13 miles in 64 minutes. averaged a 8:58 minute/mile. really? I averaged a sub 9:00 minute/mile for a long distance? I was thrilled. I was calculating it out over in my head and I thought for sure I’d be over a 9 minute/mile pace.

I came home a quickly decided to do my first ice bath. it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. just get in and don’t think about it. I actually will put more ice and water in the next time. ice baths after a long run I think just became my new best friend. I feel great today. no soreness.

yesterday was spent relaxing and recovering. it was nice. we had some errands to do in town, but I wanted to be home by 5pm to watch my SDSU boys play in the championship game against BYU. on Ms. Janae’s blog post yesterday, she had stated that BYU was going to stomped my boys….so I decided to make a friendly bet. a giant bag of skittles….but she was boasting with confidence and added swedish fish. I look forward to enjoying those skittles Janae. Winking smile

on to today. Last night Hubby said we’d go for a bike ride today. we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind a bike ride.

oh…after my 7 miles yesterday? I have fully committed to entering into the 10K race that is happening in sheridan on saturday. oh boy!


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