Thursday, March 24, 2011

half marathon, what?

today was a day of firsts.

once again I slept in way too late. I’ve got to get back in the habitat of getting up early. especially if I’m wanting to get my runs completed in the mornings when its coolest this summer.

I peeled myself out of bed finally about 0930.
I was wide awake at 0600 and thought seriously about just getting up, but after an hour of blog stalking I finally managed to fall back asleep.

I ate some oatmeal. decided to give it a little time to settle and was able to catch up on a few of my DVR’d shows that Hubby doesn’t watch (he stayed in bed until 1230).

finally I was off to the gym at 1200.
training plan called for an easy run.
chose to do 3.25 miles at a close to race pace.
I managed to complete the mileage in 30:07. need to go just a little faster to hit a 2:00 hour half marathon.

which brings me to first #1.


I have officially registered for my FIRST half marathon.
I found a few friends that have run the course in previous years. their advice. it can get muddy and soupy. great!
it’s a course run on county roads and two-tracks. sounds like fun! remember, I have 6 weeks from this Saturday.

I mentioned attempting my first 1/2 marathon to my dad, who runs the Moab 1/2 every year and he quickly asked me what he had to do to sign up. Really? My dad’s going to run with me? YAY!

Hubby and I had a pretty lazy day.
we went to a sweet, cute little café here in town with the intention of getting ice cream only, but neither one of us had had lunch so we got a little lunch too.

I opted for the chicken pesto panini. delicious!
I ate half the sandwich at the café and saved the other half for dinner. I had to save room for dessert.

Hubby got the chicken quesadilla. it was really good too.

DESSERT. didn’t make the trip home. it was gone too quickly.

we took the puppies to the park for a little play time.
if you’re wondering…the red head is Gannett (remember the puppy naming theme? Gannett Peak, tallest peak in Wyoming). she is my parents’ dog. my parents live in cody, which is just over the hill from sheridan. we watch Gannett while the parents are gone. she’s 9 years old, but still acts like a 1 year old. she could play all day if we let her.

we made it home to watch the NCAA basketball games.
my boys in red and black played tonight.

supporting all day long!

which brings me to first #2.
I am extremely passionate about “my teams.” I get mad. I yell at the tv. I feel the emotion they feel. I have high highs when they win and low lows when they don’t.
tonight my aztec boys fought hard for 40 minutes against UConn, but were unable to come away with the W. I cried. I have never cried after a loss of “my teams,” but tonight was different. I usually get really mad. don’t want to talk to anybody. not tonight. for the last 2 minutes of the game I stood 5 feet away from the tv. I couldn’t sit still. we were down by 3 with less than a minute. but we had to foul to get the ball back. UConn was in a 1 and 1 situation. and they made both free throws. down by 5. we drove the ball down and pulled up for a 3, but missed. UConn with the rebound. they made a quick outlet pass and slammed the ball to seal the W. I just felt so deflated. I felt tears running down my face. I sat down and just let the tears roll. writing this post, I have tears welling up in my eyes. I don’t know what makes this time any different. but it just is. the boys fought hard all season. they played tough. they only had 3 losses including the one that knocked them out of the tournament against UConn. they were co-champs of the mountain west conference. the were mountain west conference tournament champions. they won their first NCAA tournament game. they made it to the sweet sixteen. I’m proud to be an aztec fan! 

I will feel better tomorrow.
tomorrow is a scheduled rest day per my training plan.
we are headed to Montana for the day to do some shopping, or at least pick up some items my Hubby bought at Cabela’s. I go to Cabela’s only for the giant fish tank!

good night.
I still love you aztecs!


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