Thursday, March 17, 2011

st. patty’s day 2011

happy st. patty’s day!

no corn beef and cabbage. I don’t think I’ve ever had it. hm?
I asked Hubby tonight if he’s ever had it, and he responded with “no. have you? is that what’s for dinner?” no!
dinner tonight was new for me. and EASY!!
I saw this on
Julie’s blog. let’s just say the title “easiest pulled pork ever” isn’t a lie! I’m a huge fan of crock pot meals. and holy crap this was easy peasy, not to mention delicious! and we have plenty of leftovers. I love pulled pork and now I’m thrilled that I don’t have to go out to find me some!

I’m usually the person that HAS to wear GREEN today.
but I made an exception this year.

for those of you who don’t live under rocks you know that the ncaa men’s basketball tournament got fully underway today.
yes, I’m that girl who watches every game possible. and now that there are 4 networks carrying the games I thought seriously about figuring out how to hook up all 3 tvs in our house downstairs so I wouldn’t have to flip channels. but no go.

today, no green for me, it was all about the red and black!

go aztecs!
they won their first round game by a great margin. onto the round of 32.
yes, I do have a little green on in my buff, but we just got back from the gym…oh and I had on my special pink and green reeboks.

I think spring has officially sprung in sheridan!


it rained for a decent amount of time yesterday. although this morning I woke up to a little dusting of fresh snow. there have been rain clouds hovering around sheridan all day, but has yet to rain.

after my night of sick-y-ness and a day of rest. I feel much better today. I think little Twogwotee was a little worried about me and bummed that we were stuck inside.

“mom, are you feeling any better?”

I did get something very exciting (to me at least) in the mail today.

hello foam roller!
now I don’t have to look like a goof at the gym anymore. I have my own. I immediately used it after this picture this afternoon. its amazing!

I planned on an easy 3 mile run today. no pressure. I wanted to have a lot left in the tank. I ended up doing 3.1 in 30 minutes and felt really good when I stepped off the treadmill. I’m still back and forth between the 5K and 10K in two days. I get nervous just thinking about it. I can only imagine what I’m going to be like on saturday morning.

tomorrow is rest, relax, more basketball (duke plays tomorrow! cameron crazie!), and a spaghetti dinner.


Danielle said...Best Blogger Tips

You should have come to work with me today! I'm working for my parents (on my spring break from teaching) while they went out of town. The own an electronics store and I have games going on all 4 stations. PERFECTION.

I'm a HUGE Duke fan. Super exicted about the game tomorrow and that Kyrie Irving will be back!!!

ashe said...Best Blogger Tips

Danielle - I'm afraid I wouldn't have gotten much work done today. I barely had time for a shower, and I only went to the gym because I knew that I could watch the games there too. :p

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