Tuesday, June 7, 2011


yikes. a month?
i'm a bad blogger.

i'm still alive.
what? did you think i was killed in the bahamas? there were a few close calls...not really mom.
things have just been super busy since we got back.

i hope to be able to find some time to share our vacation with you soon enough, maybe like before you forget it happened.

i promise. it will come.

in other news.
yesterday was day 1 of 1/2 marathon training #2. i have 12 weeks...i think for this 1/2. i'm excited! i've heard great things about the course. i just need to get back into the groove of working out daily.

i also started back up my seasonal job last wednesday. i'm excited to be back at work. i'm not excited about having to wake up to an alarm every morning, but my body will hopefully adjust soon enough. ;)

i really truly do promise i will do some recaps of vacation and get you all caught up to speed.
i've slowly been knocking out a few posts a day from my google reader list of all your blog posts i missed while on vacation! only like 400+ to go. pretty good considering i was at almost 1,000 when i finally got back to a computer!

until next time (which is hopefully tonight)!


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