Sunday, June 26, 2011

a walk in the park

I woke up early saturday morning to get my long run in before it got too hot.

Hubby again offered to ride his bike along side me.
we headed out the door about 10.


it was a little chilly.
and when I turned my garmin on…the stupid thing told me the batteries were low. so low that I couldn’t get it to find the satellites.

so we went back inside and let it charged for 40 minutes.
it was much happier.

we our kitty sitting for a friend that is out of town so I just decided to run to their house and home. I had 7 miles planned, but I wasn’t sure I was going to hit that distance.


it was still super toasty! I took the shirt off shortly after 2 miles. I was a sweaty mess.
when we hit our friends house the garmin registered 2.97 miles. welp…close enough.

we headed home and I made 6.16 miles in just over 52 minutes. I’ll take it, considering I was suppose to do 7 at and 8:40 minute/mile pace.

I figured it was time in incorporate more ice baths. they are a little more fun during the summer months than winter months. but I’m thinking I’m going to borrow Jess’s idea and fill up a kiddie pool with hose water and sit in the back yard!


I forgot how the painful the first minute really was. now I remember.

and of course there was this girl after my ice!


after a quick shower post ice bath Hubby and I took the pup for a walk to the park for lunch and ice cream (not ice cream FOR lunch…don’t worry Mom!).

Twogs has really turned out to be a pretty great puppy. we’ve got her to the point that we don’t have to walk her on a leash. we only put it on her when we’re in high traffic areas like the park, but even then its just for show so people don’t bitch.

“come on dad! give me your ice cream!”


it was a pretty perfect day to be outside!

after we got home, Twogs and I had a little snuggle session.



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