Monday, June 20, 2011

a bridesmaid life for me

I’m kind of back.
I think I’ve fully given up on given you the low down on the bahama trip. too much happened and its been so long ago. if you want to know anything…let me know!

work has been busy. training for another 1/2 marathon has kept me more busy.

this past weekend I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding!

Hubby and I traveled to trashper on thursday morning. the bachelorette party was planned for thursday night. it was the bride, me, and the other two bridesmaids. we made sure to drink plenty of water!!


shots were taken. drinks were drinken drank.


we all woke up feeling…not so hot friday morning. luckily the wedding wasn’t until saturday.

friday was spent decorating, rehearsing, and eating.

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hubby and I were able to catch an hour of the CNFR in trashper friday night.

we got home and immediately went to bed. the girls had to be up early for hair and makeup.

the girls got there hair done while the boys were still sleeping.


all pretty-minus the dresses.

we had to be at the wedding location at 1230 for pictures, but we were ahead of the curve and had some time to relax and get some food in our tummies.

the boys showed up with plenty of time to spare.
then it came time to get ready!

the boys looked so handsome.

my boy wasn’t a groomsmen, but was a very good looking usher!


pictures were very painless and quick!


and it was time to get all lined up!

but…not without a calming drink.


then it was time to get the show started!


everything was absolutely perfect! weather. perfect! people. perfect! vows. perfect!
I couldn’t be more happier to witness the joining of these two lives! they are perfect for each other and I love them both dearly!

“you may kiss the bride!”

after the ceremony, it was time to party!


it was an amazing time! I am so blessed to have these two people in my life! I would do anything for them. I had so much fun being a bridesmaid…finally…all the perks. getting to eat first…free booze…dancing the night away!

I can’t wait to see what their future holds.


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