Wednesday, June 8, 2011

leggy tightness

after my nice speed workout monday night at the track in HOT temps i felt pretty dang good tuesday morning.
that all changed this morning.

i'm on a co-ed softball team and we play games on tuesday nights.
we had a doubleheader last night.
i must confess...and i don't know why i do this (i played fast pitch when i was a little younger. wish i would have stuck with it because i LOVED it!), but i dread all day playing. i think to myself, "i have no idea why i signed up to play." but then once we're actually in the moment i love it!
yesterday might have been an exception.
it was windy, colder than it has been, cloudy. just plain miserable.
i almost died (again, not really mom)!
i thought i had a lot of clothes on, but next time i'll be sure to wear more.
i consider my softball nights as part of cross training for my next 1/2 marathon.
i think the cold contributed to the fact that my legs were so tight last night and a little stiff this morning when i woke up. i've stretched out quite a bit, and feel a little better.

tonight i was planning on going for an hour long bike ride, but it looks like the same weather as yesterday. not happening. what if i really clean my house? because needs a good cleaning. can i count that as my cross training day too?

i hope the weather clears up by tomorrow, because i have 4 miles to do. although i'm not going to complain THAT much about these cooler temperatures considering i almost died at my speed workout on monday.


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