Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love sweat.

I have always been that girl that never really sweats no matter what I do.
I remember this past winter when I would be stuck in the gym on a treadmill I would get really excited when my tshirt started to change colors because I was “sweating.” back then that was a lot of sweating.

today was a whole new ball game.

I went for an easy 4 miles after work in 86*. I knew it would be toasty. I started off running in a tshirt, but before I hit halfway I took the shirt off. That left me running in a sports bra. I actually felt comfortable!

when we got home and I stopped running I realized how hot I was.

then I sat down inside and began feeling the sweat run down my back. I seriously felt like I just got out of the shower with how much moisture was on me.


can you see the sweaty shine?!

I immediately jumped in the cool shower.

and I’m off. more adventures to come tonight!

ps. did I mention Hubby rode his bike next to me and talked my ear off! I enjoyed it so much! really, I did!


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