Friday, June 24, 2011

date night 06/23/2011

Hubby and I haven’t been out on a date in a little while.
it started to rain during dinner and we were eating on the patio. we got a nice light (and heavy at times) mist.
we had a gift certificate burning a hole in our pockets too!
remember back when I won my very
first race ever?
we figured there was some sort of stipulation…you know…”no shrimp and steak for $20.” but there wasn’t. we just had to pay for drinks.
Hubby ended up ordering an appetizer. I figured we would have to pay for it too.
(yes, its half gone…I forgot about picture taking)
Hubby ended up getting shrimp and steak with soup. I had a delicious grilled chicken salad.
when the bill came…a whole whopping $2.
Hubby’s an expensive date with his mountain dew he must have.
so we gave our waitress an $8 tip to make dinner $10. savings of probably close to $40 with our gift certificate. its pays to run fast(er than other people).


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