Saturday, June 25, 2011

horses and hay fever

yesterday we got really busy. otherwise I would have posted this then.

after a sleeping in until 1100 900, Hubby and I rolled out of bed and decided to accomplish something.

we had discussed what we wanted to do. lake and boat? hiking and shed hunting? pony and riding?

can you guess what we decided?

let me help you.


we chose door number 3!

we hadn’t been out to really pamper slim in a long while and the weather was perfect (although it could super crappy once we came back into town).

we had every intention of riding, but we chose not to.

we had to walk out to the field and catch slim. there is where I let Hubby get in his workout. slim will come right to me usually.


I like to think I pretty much have slim in my back pocket.


slim had a little of his winter fuzz left on him. so we brushed him down really good and then gave him a bath. the bath part usually turns out to be a messy job and requires 2 (or more) people.


so fresh and so clean!


he’s a happy pony. plenty of green grass and open field. and he has a friend…the little donkey buford.


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